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How do I measure thousands of points fast, safely and accurately?

While laser scanning provides plenty of information only a few can actually use the point cloud they produce, largely due to file sizes, firewall bandwidth and software licensing costs. Image based surveying, or Photogrammetry, in many cases provides a more cost effective and accurate method to obtain the information you and your colleagues need safely, quickly and accurately.

One of the oldest yet most productive ways of surveying, the evolution of small lightweight Hi-Definition Cameras, platforms, drone and UAV’s allows us to obtain measurements from positions impossible for humans to stand in and carry out measurements safely, quickly and accurately. Couple this with over 35 years of photogrammetry and surveying experience, we may provide the solution to the problem you need solving.

Our fleet of 64 bit and Hi resolution cameras, survey control and modelling software to produce point clouds, meshes or as-built models including object-based CAD such as Revit and Bentley models for your BIM project.

  • Close Range Photogrammetry (CRP)
  • Aerial Photogrammetry
  • Visual Asset Management
  • Dilapidation and Condition Surveys
  • Mass point Deformation monitoring
  • As-built 3D modelling of buildings, structures and plant
  • As-built BIM documentation
  • Photogrammetry from Video


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